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Had to buy these paper clips…
New hipster looking glasses next to the cutest coffee shop to go cup ever.
Nephew’s first cup of ice cream. He’s adorable.

Went to Illumination studios today. I did a watercolor painting of my baby yeti with the minion :)

Went a little overboard on the snacks lol

Kiwi scallop & Ika Mentaiko pasta that we made.

Rabbit from Sunny <3 I got the owl to complete the set. Kinda weird, but pretty colors to me ^^
Shooting Aliens with mom on Mother’s day @ Disney California Adventure lol
Unfinished watercolor
Bacon fried egg 2/3 lb burger, Parmasan fries, and fried onion strings @ The Counter
It’s beautiful at the Getty Villa today.
Cute container I got from Target. The lion container in the back is mister donut mascot, a gift from FSc.
Blooming cherry blossom branches. My mom likes flowers :)
Drawing a lot = a lot if mini pencil stubs.
My first time eating grilled mochi. Mitsu made them.